Biotin 2% price significantly lowered

17-06-2020 | |
Photo: Pxfuel
Photo: Pxfuel

The price of Biotin 2% significantly lowered last week, although customers are paying varying prices.

A new producer of Biotin 2% recently entered the market while prices were at their peak. This development, combined with the lack of recovery in demand post-Covid, has lowered the price significantly. The opacity of the market has meant that customers are paying drastically different prices, with informed customers enjoying the reduction in prices while others are still paying Covid-19 inflated prices. Spot buyers are paying 37% less for Biotin 2% since the end of March, with the current global price around $30.6 per KG. Some buyers in France are paying less than $25 per KG, suggesting that other parts of the world will see further reductions.

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