Brazilian grain harvest reaches record

10-04-2007 | |

The Brazilian 2007 grain harvest is expected to be 11.8% higher thatn the harvest in 2006, reaching and all-time record of 130.7 million tons, according to Brazil’s Geographical and Statistics Institute (IBGE).

According to the Institute, the record harvest is the
result of greater production of crops for manufacturing bio-fuels, such as soy,
maize and sugar cane.

Agricultural production in 2007 will exceed the harvest of
previous years, including that of 2003 (123.6 million tons), which was the
biggest ever. The harvest of soy, a grain used to produce biodiesel,
is this year expected to total 56.9 million tons, a year on year rise of

Brazil exports soy beans to China and these are one of the
country’s main export products.

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