Buhler: Moisture management and conditioner

18-05-2015 | |
Buhler: Moisture management and conditioner
Buhler: Moisture management and conditioner

Buhler joins the award competition with more than one product. The first one is the DCMA moisture measurement and regulation system.

This is a NIR system specifically designed for industrial applications. It allows to have higher profit margins, extreme accuracy of measurement with just 0.3 % standard deviation forms the basis for minimising the safety buffer and lower energy costs.

The second product that is nominated is the conditioner HYMIX Plus. This product has a reduced start-up time of up to 30%, which can result in a significant productivity increase. This conditioner is said to condition and clean 100% of the feed at the target temperature, hence leading to increased animal health and better performance.

At the upcoming Victam, Buhler can be found on booth D041 and E041.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor