Bunge, DuPont partner in high oleic soybeans

03-01-2007 | |
Bunge, DuPont partner in high oleic soybeans

DuPont said recently that it completed US regulatory submissions for approval of a high oleic soybean oil trait being developed through its Pioneer Hi-Bred International unit, in partnership with Bunge.

DuPont submitted regulatory information on the high oleic oil trait to the US
Department of Agriculture and the US Food and Drug Administration, according to
a DuPont
The regulatory move is a major step forward in commercialising the
trait, which will reduce or eliminate trans-fatty acids in food companies’

The Bunge DuPont Biotech Alliance was formed in 2003 to
continue research and to commercialise soybean traits developed through DuPont
and Pioneer Hi-Bred, and marketed through Bunge North America.

Oestreich, Pioneer president, said in a statement, “These regulatory submissions
keep us on track for commercialisation of products beginning in

The high oleic soybean oil produced from Pioneer brand soybean
varieties will be marketed as Treus High Oleic Soybean Oil. The Treus brand name
represents the family of soy products developed as part of the alliance between
DuPont and Bunge.

High oleic – low linoleic products are hot at the
moment. Recently Cargill and Bayer CropScience joint forces
to market a high oleic canola into the Canadian market.

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