Cargill holds forum for Patin fish farmers

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Cargill holds forum for Patin fish farmers
Cargill holds forum for Patin fish farmers

Cargill recently launched a series of forums for fish farmers in the state of Pahang this week. At the forums Cargill shared knowledge on farm management practices, nutritional requirements and the export market potential of Patin fish meat with current and prospective Patin fish farmers. The forums took place over two days in Pekan and Temerloh and participation was free of charge.

“We are grateful that Cargill is taking the lead with the development of the aquaculture industry through the organisation of such training activities and seminars for the benefit of farmers. Knowledge sharing will educate Malaysia’s farmers, help them meet the full potential of their produce for local consumption and for export, and bring about benefits for all,” said Adnan Bin Hussain, Director of Department of Fisheries, Pahang.

“The forum was designed to benefit our Malaysian fish farmers and further augment their business growth and performance by making use of the best practices Cargill has across Southeast Asia together with optimum nutrition and feed practices,” said Jamie Dolynchuk, managing director, Cargill Feed Sdn Bhd. Visiting experts from across Cargill’s aquaculture business also presented at the forum as the team at Cargill endeavors to help farmers make the best animal feed nutrition choices every day.

Cargill is committed to serve its customers in Malaysia and to contribute towards the long term development of aquaculture, livestock and poultry farmers, through ongoing education, training and best practice sharing. “The exchange and such meaningful sessions will not only enhance the farmers’ expertise. It also serves to build relationships and a better understanding of our customers’ needs to provide better solutions for the feed industry,” added Dolynchuk.

This latest Patin fish forum underlines Cargill’s belief that training and knowledge sharing is key for strengthening the performance of fish famers. It will also help increase the fish farmers’ incomes and support the future growth of the aquaculture industry in Malaysia.

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