Cargill invests $7.8m in Mexican aquaculture

27-02-2015 | |
Cargill invest $7.8m in Mexican aquaculture
Cargill invest $7.8m in Mexican aquaculture

Cargill Mexico has increased its production capacity with the construction of a new extrusion line for the production of fish feeds at its animal feed facility in Tehuacán, Puebla, Mexico. The expansion is the result of a $7.8 million dollar investment.

The extrusion process will increase the competitiveness of the facility by improving the performance, cost, and benefits of the feed, as well as its conversion ratio. These innovations will allow Cargill to increase the quality of the product it delivers to its client.

The new infrastructure will also strengthen the company’s capacity to serve the markets of Puebla, Oaxaca, Veracruz, Chiapas, and the Yucatán Peninsula, while increasing by 5,000 tons the monthly animal feed production capacity of the facility.

Strategic investment in the aquaculture market

This new addition to Cargill’s productive infrastructure in Mexico is part of a $16 million investment plan to position the company’s animal nutrition solutions in the aquaculture markets of Mexico and Central America.

Gerardo Quintero, Managing Director of Cargill’s Feed & Nutrition business for Mexico and Central America stated “This new investment endorses our confidence in Puebla, a State that has promoted the social and economic development, in which we have had the privilege of operate throughout 49 years.”

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