Cargill launches new breeder additive at IPPE

29-01-2015 | |
Cargill launches new breeder additive at IPPE
Cargill launches new breeder additive at IPPE

Cargill announced the release of its new breeder additive for poultry, during a press conference at the IPPE in Atlanta, Georgia. According to the company, this additive can boost broiler performance and produce fewer broken eggs with the breeders.

The additive (Proviox Breeder) is a special blend of antioxidants. The company conducted ten trials at its Global Animal Nutrition Innovation Center in Velddriel, the Netherlands. The trial results demonstrate that using the additive in breeder diets show better broiler performance (broilers are 70-110 grams heavier at 35 days), fewer broken eggs (egg shell is 7-9% stronger), better chick hatchability (chicks hatched per breeder is up 1.8%) and improved chick quality (chicks are 2-4% heavier at hatch).

“Effective early nutrition is critical in overall poultry performance. By maximising breeder performance through this product, customers can make a significant positive impact on their profits. For instance, a customer with a flock of 100,000 birds could make an extra 100,000 US dollars each year,” explained Maxime Hilbert from Cargill.

The product will be rolled out to customers as of March 2015. It will be available first in Thailand. Depending on the registration time in each country, the product will be available to all customers.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor