CFIA responds to contaminated feed

05-03-2007 | |
CFIA responds to contaminated feed

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has placed precautionary movement restrictions on cattle from nine farms in Saskatchewan because they received feed that did not meet Canada’s current feed ban requirements.

The contamination occurred when misidentified ruminant meat and bone meal was
distributed from a processor to feed mills. The meat and bone meal was
subsequently included as an ingredient in certain ruminant animal feeds, which
is not permitted under Canada’s feed ban. The CFIA was notified by the processor
and mills once the error was detected and immediately initiated an

Recall and

All of the contaminated feed has been recalled and
the CFIA has verified that all receiving farms have been properly cleaned.
Preliminary findings of a science-based assessment indicate that the risk to
animal health is, at most, very low. There is no food safety risk associated
with meat and other products from the exposed animals and no exposed animals or
their products were exported.

A complete investigation is underway to
fully examine the situation and verify that the processor takes corrective
measures. The CFIA will consider enforcement actions once the investigation

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