Choline – Essential for everybody

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Choline   Essential for Every Body
Choline Essential for Every Body

Did you know choline is added to many of the foods you eat or products you drink every day. Supplemental choline is added to baby formula, food items such as soups and energy bars, energy drinks and vitamin water as well as many human supplements.

Choline is essential for health of many animals, including humans. Choline plays an important role in the healthy structure and function of the human body, acting as a biochemical building block, an agent of cell-to-cell communication and transportation, and part of a regulatory system for gene expression. Its role in cell structure and function, lipid metabolism, cell signaling and genetic regulation underlie its contribution to cognitive, cardiovascular, and hepatic health, as well as maintenance of vigor during strenuous exercise.

Choline is essential for everybody. It is an important component of the nutrition of infants, both prenatally and after birth (via pregnant and lactating mothers), children, as well as athletic and geriatric segments of the population. However, awareness of choline and its benefits is low among many consumers, and measured dietary intakes reflect this. Choline was recently acknowledged by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Di¬etary Guidelines Advisory Committee in its Report on the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Worldwide recommendations for choline supplementation?

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