Digestibility no.1 reason for phytogenic use

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Digestibility no.1 reason for phytogenic use
Digestibility no.1 reason for phytogenic use

Digestibility enhancement ranks as the number one reason that the livestock industry uses phytogenic feed additives (PFAs), according to a recent survey of more than one thousand agribusiness professionals.

Plant-based compounds – specifically essential oils, herbs and spices – are known to have a range of biologically active properties that can be applied to modern animal production. These include anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and digestion enhancing effects.

“There is no doubt that better digestion is a key reason to use PFAs in animal nutrition,” commented Michael Noonan, global product line manager Phytogenics at Biomin. “Digestibility was the emphasis back in 1989 when Digestarom® was first launched – as is evident in the name.”

Decades of scientific research has improved our understanding of the application of phytogenic feed additives.

“For a product such as Digestarom®, the science is there. The mode of action is documented. It includes enhanced digestibility, gut microbiota modulation, gut protection and gut integrity. Ultimately, this means better feed conversion. For producers, it translates into higher profitability and better competitiveness in global feed markets.”

Nutritionists, growers, business owners, veterinarians and consultants located in over 100 countries provided their views on the use of phytogenic feed additives in livestock in the recent Biomin Phytogenic Feed Additive survey.

The desire to improve feed efficiency, reduce antibiotic usage, lower the environmental footprint and optimise gut performance all contribute to the industry’s increased interest in PFAs.

“We know that some leading producers have been early-adopters of PFAs,” said Mr Noonan. “Understanding the motivations and benefits of PFAs as reported by professionals in real-life production situations takes the discussion with clients to a whole new level.” We are looking forward to analysing the feedback and sharing the results.

The full results of the Biomin Phytogenic Feed Additives Survey will be published in March 2017.

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