Effect of using Gustor BP70 on commercial broiler farms

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Effect of using Gustor BP70 on commercial broiler farms
Effect of using Gustor BP70 on commercial broiler farms

A study was carried out at five commercial farms in the southeast and west of Mexico with broilers, Ross (338,300) and Cobb (253,056). The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of Gustor BP70 on productive parameters: Mortality (M), final weight (FW), average daily gain (ADG), conversion index (CI) and productivity index (PI).

Broilers fed on corn, sorghum included phytase and antibiotics

The broilers were fed from 0 to 21 days of age, with diets based on corn, sorghum, soy bean meal, polished of rice, soy oil and vitamin-mineral premix. The feed also included phytase and coccidiostats, antibiotics (nicarbazin, salinomicyn and zinc bacitracin) at their recommended dose. There were two treatments: T1=diet with Gustor BP70 (1 Kg/t), T2=standard diet.

The productive parameters were recorded until the slaughtering. The pooled data from the five farms indicated that T1 improves (P<0.01) fw to market a 6.6%, the same tendency was observed on adg, that was higher (p><0.05) 3.9 g d in t1 vs t2. there is not statistical difference for m, although numerically t1 improved the m a 1.12 % respect to t2. the ci was numerically lower (4.2 %), although not significant (p>0.05), in T1 vs T2. On the other hand, the PI was improved significantly (P<0.05) in broilers with t1, 301 vs t2, 268.>

Data concludes that Gustor BP70 improves growth performance

Due to the data observed, it is concluded that supplementation with Gustor BP70 improves growth performance (FW, ADG, CI, PI) of broilers in commercial conditions.
Source: Norel

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