Feed phosphate market grows; Ecophos to invest

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Feed phosphate market grows; Ecophos to invest
Feed phosphate market grows; Ecophos to invest

The demand for feed phosphate is growing. This is why Belgium company Ecophos Group is increasing production of its inorganic feed phosphates.

According to market data from CRU, the world feed phosphate consumption has been estimated at 9 million tons (mt) for 2014. It is expected to grow to 10mt in 2017 and 12mt in 2030 following the world population expansion. The European market of animal feed phosphates is approximately 1.5mt, expecting to grow only slightly in the coming years. The world’s largest growth in standard segments will be in Asia/Pacific and America’s and the fastest growing segment is the aquaculture.

Growth in Asia-Pacific

In terms of value, market research firm Markets and Markets projects that the global feed phosphate market will reach a value of about USD $5.8 billion by 2020. In 2014, the market was dominated by Asia-Pacific, followed by North America and Europe. Same as volumes, the Asia-Pacific market is projected to grow at the highest CAGR, with rapid growth in the pork and poultry industries in countries such as China and India. “The growing health awareness with regards to livestock and the rising cases of various animal diseases globally are also driving the market,” according to Markets and Markets.

Ecophos to increase capacity

Aliphos is the feed ingredients business unit of Ecophos Group and one of the world’s largest producers of inorganic feed phosphates. With investments in Aliphos’ new plant in Dunkirk (France),  Aliphos will become again the biggest IFP producers in Europe with +-50% market share. Aliphos also is investing in its current production facilities. A new production line will be added in the Aliphos plant in Vlaardingen, the Netherlands, with this additional capacity of 80.000t granulated products total capacity will reach approximately 300.000 t/y. EcoPhos’ CEO and founder Mohamed Takhim indicates that this investment is another important step in Aliphos’ strategy to become a leader in production, sale and distribution of ecologically friendly phosphate products.

Furthermore, this investment fits well in the values of the company to become a more sustainable producer of phosphates respectful of our environment. Construction will start in Q1 2016, with completion planned in Q1 2017.

Inorganic feed phosphates are chemical compounds of phosphorus used mainly to balance the phosphorus and calcium contents of feed for animals such as cattle, pigs, poultry, fish and pets. Ecophos sells these products under the trade names Aliphos® and Windmill®.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor