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Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

For this week we wrap up the new product launches and business news again.

Educational resources on ruminant digestion

Lallemand Animal Nutrition announces the launch of Ruminant Digestive System, a new online educational resource and the Rumen Health Technical Guide, a printed technical handbook for veterinarians, nutritionists and producers. These resources provide content dedicated to the role of rumen microorganisms and their impact on the host’s performance and health. Both resources are a part of Lallemand Forward, which are solutions that enhance knowledge, capabilities and production practices.

Probiotic launched in China

Evonik is to offer its probiotic GutCare® PY1 to the Asian market for the first time by launching the new product in China. The move comes as part of the group’s strategy of assuming a leading role in developing sustainable and antibiotic-free animal nutrition over the next few years. GutCare® PY1 was presented to the Chinese market as part of the China Feed Expo in Fuzhou. With a focus on poultry, this new product is the first probiotic from the company’s own development and was first introduced to the US-market in January 2017.

New filling cabinet

Dutch feed machinery producer Van Beek launches a new filling cabinet for safe loading and dust-free work place. The Van Beek filling cabinet is an ideal solution for safe loading in the work place and to reduce fine dust. In addition a filling cabinet not only protects against dust emissions, it also increases production capacity and minimises product loss. A filling cabinet not only protects from dust emissions, it also increases the production capacity and the dedusting system minimises product loss.

Antimicrobial yeast launched

Angel Animal Nutrition has launched a new antibiotic alternative ‘YeaSense’ at the recently held China Feed Expo. After years of research on yeast, Angel Animal Nutrition Research Institute found that yeast cell could release substances with antibacterial activity after enzymolysis and modification. This product is derived from natural yeast that has the functions of broad-spectrum bacteriostasis, promoting intestinal health and enhancing immunity, it can be used in non-antibiotic diet.

Clextral sites in India and SE Asia

Clextral announces the opening of two international sites in India and South-East Asia. “With these new sites, Clextral’s international presence displays a level of local reach unmatched within the extrusion industry, with a network of experts now spread across five continents.” Gilles Maller, vice president of Sales and International Business for Clextral. “This local presence also enables us to better anticipate the needs of our clients in terms of development and to offer relevant solutions for their specific markets.”

Additive against wooden breast syndrome

Feed additive company Nuscience has developed Q-prove® to cope with the wooden breast syndrome in broiler chickens. Although it is not a threat to human health, wooden breast results in significant financial losses for poultry farmers, integrators and slaughterhouses. The first signs of muscle degradation can be found at an early life stage. Therefore, it is important to start using a high dosage of Q-prove® in the starter feed and gradually reducing the dosage as the animals grow. Trials have shown that at a higher age (around 42 days) the incidence of severe wooden breast can go up to 20%. In that case, adding the product can reduce this number to about 2.5%. This is a huge financial improvement for both the farmer as for the slaughterhouse.

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