Feeding sows more by using parity number and demand

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Feeding sows more by using parity number and demand
Feeding sows more by using parity number and demand

ForFarmers Hendrix recently held a seminar on the outlook for pig farming in 2020. During which, Erik Salemink, pig farming specialist at ForFarmers Hendrix, said the average feed conversion is expected to reach 2.48 in 2020 (see table), with better performing pig farms achieving 2.2.

Salemink said that between 2005 and 2012 there was significant progress in the technical results of slaughtered pigs as a result of circo vaccination and that many farmers switched to fattening.

Improved performance in the longer term is already defined in the top and sub breeders. According to Jan Fledderus, pig farming innovation manager, the heredity of the slaughtered fattening pig of the summer of 2017 was born in January this year.

To wean an average of 32 piglets and 37 piglets on the most productive farms, sows need to be fed according to parity number. Young sows have a higher demand for lysine than an older bearing sow. A first-time bearing sow needs 12g of lysine per day compared to 7.6g for the sixth time bearing. The feed types are adapted to the parity. The energy requirement hardly differs by parity. The feeding schedule is 3.5kg in the first 30 days of gestation. Then 2.7kg to day 80 and 3.0kg to the partus.

The difference with now is in the first 80 days of gestation. Then the condition of the sow is restored and the litter size, vitality and uniformity of the unborn piglets are determined. In the present scheme, the feed provision is 3.2kg. The basis for good growth and feed conversion rate is made by piglet diets for suckling and rearing period to provide a higher level of amino acids. After weaning, piglets are fed fermented feed. It is essential for the fatteners in the future to measure weight and other parameters more often in order to feed the animals optimally. Not just after one fattening phase, but during the entire fattening process.


Table 1: Results in 2005 en 2012 and projection in 2020

2005 2012 2020
Farrowing quote 2.33 2.37 2.41
Weaned / litter 10.5 12 13.5
Weaned / sow/year 24.4 28.3 32.2
Daily weight gain (g) 773 796 819
FCR 2.66 2.57 2.48
ForFarmers Hendrix expects that the number of weaned piglets per sow per year will increase by 7.8 between 2005 and 2020
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