Fenchem EU grows steadily despite challenging environment

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Fenchem EU grows steadily despite challenging environment
Fenchem EU grows steadily despite challenging environment

As is well known in the first half of 2012 (H1), Europe has been through a tough time due to the economic crisis. And in China, more and more companies have also been feeling the pressure from the continuous increasing costs in raw materials and salary.

Despite all of these adverse factors from the challenging environment, Fenchem EU still shows strong sales increases, nearly 30% growth compared with H1 of 2011.

Fenchem EU, located in Ostrava, Czech Republic, is one of Fenchem’s overseas offices, the other two are situated in the US and Malaysia. At the very beginning, Fenchem started the overseas business from Europe and have many major customers there. With more than 2 years’ development, Fenchem EU utilises the customer resources and efficiently makes use of the geographic advantage to best serve the local customers, like fast delivery service and tailor-made solutions. Fenchem EU is now becoming one of the most important part of Fenchem global business.

Focusing on providing suitable products to the customers, gives Fenchem EU continuous business expansion with traditional products like Tocovet Natural Vitamin E, and all-natural pigments like LuMarin lutein, canthaxanthin.  Fenchem EU makes apparent sales jump in feed additives including acidifiers and pellet binders such as PMC and CMC. At the end of 2011, Fenchem set up a new R&D group for tailor-made formulation solutions with Fenchem’s 17-year serving the feed, food and cosmetic industries. This group has successfully designed a tailor-made solution in natural antioxidant formulation, contributing to the business growth of Fenchem EU.

Fenchem, founded in 1995, is specialised in developing, manufacturing and marketing active ingredients with high bio-activity and safety, serving the dietary supplements and functional food, cosmetic and feed industries with advanced ingredients and science-based nutrition solution.

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