Fenchem launches all natural antioxidant formula

17-06-2013 | |
Fenchem launches all natural antioxidant formula
Fenchem launches all natural antioxidant formula

Fenchem has formally launched its all natural antioxidant formula, branded as Oxy-Fen, a new formula, consisting of all natural ingredients, targeting in preventing lipid oxidation of food and pet food products.

There is growing attention on emerging challenges on using natural antioxidants to prevent lipid oxidation, not only in food industry, but in feed and pet food industry.

Oxy-Fen provides a composition capable of more effectively preventing lipid oxidation with synergistic effect. Four natural ingredients-vitamin E, rosemary extract, lecithin and citric acid are combined in the formula. The combination of the four kinds of ingredients can achieve synergistic effect, and protect finished products against free radicals and subsequent oxidation.

Oxy-Fen has achieved an exclusive distribution agreement with a professional partner in this industry for Australia and New Zealand market.

Fenchem has five overseas offices, located in USA, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Germany and South Africa.

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