First delivery of insect oil to Dutch animal feed firm

22-01-2016 | |
First delivery of insect oil to Dutch animal feed firm
First delivery of insect oil to Dutch animal feed firm

Dutch feed producer Coppens has received the first batch of insect oil, produced by Protix, at their production facility in Helmond, the Netherlands. The oil will be mixed into compound feed.

The use of insect oil in the food and feed sector is completely new. Coppens is the first company to use this product, produced by Protix, in animal feed. The use of insect oil in pig and poultry diets is promising and aimed to increase animal health when added as a feed ingredient.

Extensively tested

Coppens has been working for six years to fine tune the application of insects in feed. During this period, both the insect oil from Protix, as well as different protein sources from insects have been thoroughly analysed. The results of the Poultry Research Centre showed that chicks profit from insect oil when it comes to growth and feed conversion, compared to soybean oil. In addition, the insect oil is also easy to digest.

High level lauric acid

Insect oil contains a high proportion of lauric acid, which has health-promoting properties. Also, breast milk for example contains a high proportion of lauric acid. Not just the chicken and the pig will benefit from this healthy fatty acid pattern. Because the oil is stored in the meat, the consumer gets a healthier piece of meat on his plate. Insect oil is similar to coconut oil, which is currently very popular among consumers because of its health promoting properties.

Sustainable option

Insect oil is environmentally friendly because low-grade raw materials are used for a high quality application. Green residual (waste) streams are converted efficiently by insects. The oil is not supplied from North and South America, Brazil, Argentina or Malaysia, but it comes from the Netherlands. Applying insect oil in compound feed is the first visible step towards a switch to alternative raw materials.

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor