Framelco: Broiler feed diets can be improved

31-01-2013 | |
A new innovative step in broiler production
A new innovative step in broiler production

Framelco, a flexible and innovative feed additives company, announced new results of trials on broilers with Fra C-line products that give new possibilities for preventive measurements against animal diseases.

The programme of trials was established in different parts of the world with different climate conditions and shows that the use of Fra C-line products results in increased animal performance with decreasing antibiotic usage.

Framelco’s Vice President, Lars Snijders stated: “We are very excited about the new trial results that show high efficacy of Fra C-line products. Based on a novel technology of esterifying fatty acids, Fra C-line in broiler feed diets resulted in improved broiler feed intake and weight with a much better feed conversation ratio leading to higher profitability.

Since 2006 Framelco has been one of the leading innovators of feed additives in the animal feed market. Starting with the production of Mono-, di- and tri-glycerides of several fatty acids in combination with essential oils, Framelco sought a way to fill its customers’ needs. To improve animal health by solving the problem Framelco launched a broad range of tailor made products which embodies the idea of offering a client a solution: Framelco does not just offer products.

Research and development are fundamental to the strong growth of Framelco’s business worldwide. Over 40 % of its employees are working in R&D.


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