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Photo: Shutterstock

All About Feed wraps up the latest updates and new business developments and products from the global feed industry. Here’s a quick overview on what is happening around the world.

50 year anniversary for WAMGROUP

WAMGROUP is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year with the grand opening of a new Technology Centre at the company’s headquarters near Modena, Italy. The opening took place last month. This private facility for research and development in bulk solids handling and processing, as well as various environmental technologies focuses on dust filtration, solids-liquid separation in animal husbandry and various industries, on water treatment and hydro-energy. The centre houses a research laboratory, a training centre and a permanent exhibition. WAMGROUP manufactures screw conveyors and feeders, with an annual production of thousands of units in sizes varying from small screw diameters for mass production to diameters beyond four metres for special applications, such as Archimedean water lifting screw pumps.

New company to focus on animal microbiome innovation

A new company, called ANIZOME™, has been launched to offer a commercial therapeutic microbiome discovery platform dedicated to animal health and nutrition. The collection of microorganisms that inhabit the bodies of humans and animals have been studied extensively in recent years and play an important role in maintaining host health. ANIZOME brings together an experienced and pioneering team of experts to build on more than a decade of breakthrough discovery in the microbiome. The company intends to develop novel diagnostic and therapeutic solutions capable of optimising performance and preventing disease in animals.

25 years of fermentation at Evonik’s Slovakian plant

When it comes to industrial fermentation processes for new products, all roads at Evonik lead to the Group’s Slovakian site in Slovenská Ľupča, which lies at the foot of the Low Tatras mountains. Fermas s.r.o., a company in which the former Degussa AG held a majority of shares, began the fermentative production of the amino acids lysine and threonine in 1993. This year, the site celebrates its 25th anniversary as Evonik Fermas GmbH. The Evonik Group has since established large production capacities in other parts of the world for most of these amino acids, and Fermas has specialised in scaling up fermentation processes. All new biotechnological processes move from process development in the laboratory to industrial scale production in Slovenská Ľupča, where the experts for large-scale fermenters are based.

Mega orders for equipment manufacturer Haarslev

The Danish company Haarslev has received 2 huge orders totalling € 47 million. These orders are the largest ever in the history of the company. Haarslev designs and manufactures state-of-the-art systems and equipment for processing animal by-products for animal feed. The company has 1,100 employees in 17 locations across 6 continents.

Unicorn launches new product for piglets

Unicorn Grain Specialties launches “Presco® Feed Hi-Energie”: a new energy and fibre based product for healthy piglet nutrition. This heat treated product is a combination of barley and corn, especially made for piglets. It supports optimal feed intake, high feed efficiency and live weight gain and is therefore an essential ingredient for young piglets. The intensive heat treatment of the corn and barley during the process ensures a high s digestion. The high degree of gelatinisation promotes rapid breakdown of the starch in the small intestine. Which supports easy digestibility and an optimal nutrient intake in the small intestine.

New isotonic protein and electrolyte solution for pigs

Tonisity has introduced Pink2Purple™, an isotonic protein and electrolyte solution designed specifically for show pigs. The product is formulated to provide the right combination of isotonic protein, nutrients and amino acids for rapid absorption at the cellular level to help pigs thrive on the show circuit. The product is mixed using fresh water and can be poured over feed. It’s recommended the product be given prior to leaving for the show and used through the duration of the show.

BoMill AB expands into UK and Ireland

The Swedish grain quality sorting company BoMill AB grows their distributor network by signing an agreement with McArthur Agriculture Ltd. with operations in the Great Britain and Ireland. McArthur Agriculture Ltd, based in Flixborough, North Lincolnshire is a grain processing and storage specialist. The company delivers turnkey projects for the British and Irish agricultural, grain storage and grain processing businesses. McArthur Agriculture partners closely with their clients to design, build and maintain systems and products that meet requirements and maximise value.

Neovia buys Hi Nutrients in Nigeria

Neovia is becoming the majority shareholder in Hi Nutrients*, leading player on the premix market in Nigeria. Through this acquisition, Neovia is gaining a foothold in the most dynamic African market for demographic and economic growth. A promising market in which the company wants to draw on Hi Nutrients’ premix market position to develop and roll out its international premix brand Wisium’s portfolio of products and services. Hi Nutrients was founded in 2004 and specialises in the production of premixes, vitamins and minerals for poultry, dairy cows and aquaculture. As the domestic market leader, the company employs close to 100 people and boasts an extensive portfolio of clients nationwide. Its offices and production plant are located in Ojodu, close to Lagos and the coast in the south-west of the country.

Feed firms team up to collect livestock data

A consortium of companies, specialists in animal nutrition: the CCPA Group and its partner members: Altitude, Arterris, Terrena, Triskalia, Unéal, Unicor and the Avril Group (Sanders and MixScience) is involved in a collaborative project to collect livestock data. The project is led by the start-up company CaptaPlus – which provides a unique and innovative offer of multi-species, real-time livestock data collection services. Indeed, via boxes set directly in farms, CaptaPlus has developed a smart system able to collect data, from different sources (breeding equipment and sensors of all types, databases), in different formats and in real time. Thus, subject to the authorisation of the farmer for the collection of professional data related to the activity of his farm, this unique service allows CaptaPlus customers to analyse and interpret these data to propose to farmers new support services that are more precise, responsive and adapted to their problems: monitoring and performance management tools, working comfort, animal welfare, etc. CaptaPlus will be present at SPACE, in Rennes, in September, as well as most consortium companies.

Inspiring speakers at the FRA Partner Summit

During the first International Week for Smart Food Production in the Netherlands, animal nutrition company FRAmelco held its international FRA Partner Summit for over 150 guests. The first part of the conference was about viral challenges in the poultry industry and how to improve the vaccination response. An issue of great economic importance in many parts of the world. Maarten de Gussem PhD, from the company Vetworks, spoke about the efficacy of different vaccination methods. “A 100% protection solely with vaccination is not feasible in practice. However, bringing the immune system to a higher state could lead to a better vaccination response, which can be economically very relevant.” As 50% of the immune cells is found in the gastrointestinal tract, gut health and feed additives could play a major role. That’s where Olga Dansen MSc, of Framelco, took over and explained FRA® C12 Dry. This product consists of alpha-monolaurin, lauric acid esterified to the first position of a glycerol molecule, and is known for its strong antibacterial and antiviral properties. “New research data show that this product is able to boost the efficacy of vaccination in broilers. This is probably due to a stimulating effect on the immune response, a promising tool for practice, but further research is required”, according to Dansen. The second part of the conference was about fat digestion. Prof Walter Gerrits from Wageningen University gave a clear and thorough explanation of the physiology of the digestive system of pigs and poultry, fat digestion in particular and post-absorptive processes. “Emulsifying properties are key to proper fat digestion,” he pointed out. André Meeusen MSc, of Framelco, closed the conference by discussing important nutritional constraints that may compromise the digestion and metabolisable energy contribution of added fats and oils. He explained how FRA® LeciMax Dry, which consists of hydrolysed lecithins, is able to reduce feed costs while maintaining animal performance. Meeusen: “This product has proven to support the emulsification processes in animals.”

Royal Agrifirm Group buys Special Nutrients

Royal Agrifirm Group has signed the agreement to acquire Special Nutrients, http://specialnutrients.com/ the Miami based leading provider of scientifically proven mycotoxin binders. For Special Nutrients this step supports the further development of its strong portfolio of mycotoxin binding solutions. Royal Agrifirm Group shows through this acquisition its commitment to further invest in its promising feed additive business, supporting the overall growth strategy. The acquisition was supported by the long standing business relationship between Special Nutrients and the Royal Agrifirm Group. Complementary strengths and market shares worldwide will allow to further leverage the advanced and scientifically backed offer of products and services into sustainable growth.

Intracare organised open house at its Dutch facility

On June 19th, over 150 people from 40 different countries visited Intracare B.V. for an open house at the production plant in Veghel, the Netherlands. A part of the plant is still under construction, as the laboratory facilities will be extended for the coming year. A few years ago Intracare also opened a GMP pharma area for the production of veterinary medicines. The GMP facilities and HVAC system are designed and built according to the latest demands. Intracare is licensed to produce veterinary medicines and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). With this new step, the company is more flexible to develop new medicines and bring them to the market much faster.

Danisco announces price increase for Betafin®

Danisco Animal Nutrition, a division of DuPont Industrial Biosciences, announced an 8% price increase for its Betafin® range of products, due to supply constraints as well as increased demand from some applications. This price increase is effective immediately. Betafin® is a natural betaine derived from non-genetically modified sugar beet. Proven to increase lean meat yield and reduce costs for producers by reducing choline chloride and methionine in feed formulations, the product also alleviates the negative effects of osmotic stress. It is a critical component of producers’ efforts to maintain gut integrity, which in turn, positively impacts animal welfare and performance. All existing contracts will be honoured.

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