Friday Feed Update: What did you miss?

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It is Friday again! And this means that All About Feed wraps up the latest updates and new business developments and products from the global feed industry.

PULTE now distributor of Biozyme® for Germany and Austria

Biozyme® Incorported, a US-based manufacturer of natural additives for animals, has appointed Pulte GmbH & Co. KG as its partner for marketing and selling its products in Germany and Austria. The collaboration between companies will start by focusing on Amaferm®, a natural fermentation product of Aspergillus Oryzae proven to improve feed digestibility in animals. Amaferm® is approved in the EU as a zootechnical additive for dairy cows.

AVIMATRIX® gets EU approval as zootechnical feed additive

The European Commission has published the official regulation approving the AVIMATRIX® feed additive preparation as a zootechnical feed additive in the European Union. This feed additive is an eubiotic solution containing benzoic acid, calcium formate and fumaric acid, embedded in a lipid matrix (Novus Premium Blend Technology). The additive has been thoroughly evaluated by EU authorities, leading to this breakthrough approval (2018/982). This registration follows positive opinions from the European Food Safety Authority in 2015 and 2017, where the authority ultimately concluded that the inclusion of this feed additive preparation at a minimum dose of 500 mg/kg complete feed has the potential to improve the performance of chickens for fattening and chickens reared for laying. AVIMATRIX® is also available in more than 15 jurisdictions and countries outside of the European Union.

Lallemand organises first swine Liquid Feed Exchange

As part the Lallemand Forward service offering, Lallemand Animal Nutrition organized the first swine Liquid Feed Exchange, on July 3 at the ISPAIA institute in France. In partnership with Bioarmor, more than 25 professionals in swine nutrition were able to take a closer look at the swine liquid feeding system, from the microscope to the feeder.

Vincent Couture, Brand Manager, Swine Feed Additives, presented a study conducted by Lallemand Animal Nutrition about the microbiological quality of the raw material, and the consequences of microflora profiles on the soup fermentations. He provided an overview of the biofilm concept; a description of the phenomenon; the aggregation and the colonization of the farm; the liquid feed machine circuits, the key factor influencing its composition; and the potential effects on animal performance. Hervé Jaunet, a veterinarian working with the ISPAIA institute, presented information on the different causes of sudden mortality in swine farms, focusing more on the porcine Intestinal Distension Syndrome (PIDS), sometimes also described as “enterotoxemia”. Dominique Baudry, an engineer and member of the Lallemand Animal Nutrition sales force, explained the mode-of-action of the lactic acid bacteria Pedioccocus acidilactici MA18/5M, part of Bioarmor solution under the brand name Bactoflor. A representative from Bioarmor also presented several farm case studies and testimonials from users.

AMLAN to promote natural feed additive in Mexico

Amlan International will partner with its regional distributor, AgroMex, to promote its natural feed additives at the Mexican Association of Veterinary Specialists in Swine Conference (AMVEC). AMVEC is being held July 17–20, 2018, in Mérida, Mexico. Amlan’s interactive exhibit at AMVEC will feature technical experts who will provide an overview of Amlan’s intestinal health management solutions, including NeoPrime™ and Calibrin-Z, 2 unique feed additives from its product portfolio which help bring new life to swine operations.

Geelen Counterflow marks supply of 10,000 systems

Dutch company Geelen Counterflow has supplied its 10,000th dryer, based on the efficient counterflow heat exchange between product and ambient air. Dryers typically consume 40-60% of an extrusion line’s total energy consumption, but counterflow dryers consume 20-50% less energy than belt dryers. So very significant savings are usually possible. The company produces all of its steel and stainless steel components in-house, using state-of-the-art laser cutting, bending and welding technology.

Late Dr Pearse Lyons awarded the 2018 Kennedy-Lemass Medal

Alltech founder, the late Dr Pearse Lyons has been honoured with the Kennedy-Lemass Medal by the American Chamber of Commerce Ireland. During 4th of July celebrations, Barry O‘Sullivan, president of the American Chamber of Commerce announced that the late Irish-American entrepreneur and scientist, Dr Lyons was this year’s recipient of the Kennedy-Lemass Medal. The award honours US leaders of Irish heritage who have helped to strengthen the Irish-US relationship. In the late 1970s Dundalk-born Dr Lyons emigrated to the US, where in his Kentucky garage, he established Alltech with an initial investment of $ 10,000.

BioMar expands R&D in hatchery feed

BioMar has increased its research capabilities in hatchery with an expansion of its Aquaculture Technology Centre, ATC Hirtshals facility in Denmark. BioMar has now opened a state-of-the-art marine fish larval trial unit that not only allows for larval rearing but also the production of live feed. The opening of the new hatchery research and development facilities is the second of a 3 phased strategic plan for the segment. BioMar announced last year heavy investment in the area including the establishment of a business unit in Nersac, France headed by Chris Dinneweth and the expansion of the fry feed production line in Brande, Denmark expected later in 2019.

Carbon trust cerftifies additive to reduce methane

Agolin SA, a Swiss based Company develops and produces innovative phytogenic additives for the livestock sector. The company has now been awarded a Certificate of Achievement from The Carbon Trust Assurance Ltd for our dairy and cattle product, AGOLIN RUMINANT, in the reduction of methane emissions and improvement in feed efficiency. This breakthrough is a first in terms of an independently assessed and certified in-feed additive which not only improves feed efficiency but also significantly reduces methane emissions from cows.

The feed additive,when it is included in dairy and cattle feed at a rate of one gram per head each day for adult animals, has been shown to influence methanogenesis, the production of methane, in the rumen and thereby reduce methane release to the environment by the animal. In addition, the product has also shown to improve feed efficiency, which means that the return on milk and meat per kilogram of feed is better. This improved utilisation of resources benefits animals, farmers and the environment.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United nations (FAO) it is estimated that of the 50 billion tonnes (CO2 eq) of greenhouse gases (GHG) created by all sources each year around 2 billion tonnes comes directly from cows and beef animals.

Palital is becoming independent

Palital is becoming independent from Bewital Holding. All activities of Pailtal will be transferred into the new company; Palital Feed Additives B.V. Palital produces feed additives such as coated butyrates, gradual-release urea and flavours and sweeteners. Over the previous years the company has experienced a strong development of the business, independent from Bewital. The company has witnessed a strong growth and is currently employing over 40 people. All personnel and equipment have been taken over in the new constellation. The plans for a large-scale expansion of the production capacity are in place and already executed.

New version of mobile feed mixers from Nutrisuin

Nutrisuin has developed 2 new versions of the AutoSuin. AutoSuin is a revolutionary, fully automatic mobile feed mixer. It instantly prepares BabySuin or PreSuin to create a completely fresh and warm feed mix. Feed and water are always kept separate. The company has now developed a stationary version for farms with large farrowing pens. This model is wall-mounted so that a liquid feed mixer is a standard feature of each section and fresh feed can be prepared in each section at any time. A narrower, mobile version has also been designed (60cm width). This AutoSuin model is ideal for use in pig houses with narrower corridors. Both models function using the same principles as the tried and tested standard version of the AutoSuin: simply press a button to prepare fresh, homogenous and warm liquid feed for your piglets in an instant.. The until the dose-measuring button is pressed.

Trouw Nutrition introduces the NutriOpt On-site Adviser

This September, Trouw Nutrition launches a new and innovative precision-feeding tool: the NutriOpt On-site Adviser. This tool combines a handheld NIR scanner with an easy-to-use mobile application, linking the on-site scanning process of feed samples directly to practical advice based on the NutriOpt Nutritional Database. Supported by 4 worldwide research centres, our global laboratories, and an extensive network of research facilities and experts, this database provides the basis for reports that are sent directly to the user. These reports include analytical results for either pigs, poultry or ruminants, and show whether the tested samples meet the optimal quality standards and advice, or whether an adaptation of the diet/load list is required. This enables any NutriOpt On-site Adviser user to make informed decisions in managing their feed (all common raw materials and silages) and feeding programmes. The result is increased feed efficiency or reduced feed costs by making optimal use of the nutritional variation in raw materials and silages.

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