Harper Government invest in Canada’s canola sector

21-09-2012 | |
Harper Government invest in Canada’s canola sector

Canada’s canola sector will benefit from a targeted research and development plan to promote the industry’s strategic growth. Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz announced his support for the canola council in Canada.

“Research and innovation are key in the success of the Canadian canola sector,” said Minister Ritz. “Today’s investment will help ensure that canola, Canada’s number one generator in farm cash receipts, will continue to innovate and meet the growing demand in new and existing markets.”

The investment of more than USD $43,000 will allow the Canola Council of Canada to conduct extensive consultations with key partners in canola research and development to create a targeted plan for the improvement of canola germplasm based on the needs of producers, processors, and the market.

“Research is fundamental to our industry and to the profitability of our growers, but we need to make sure we get it right” said Canola Council of Canada president Patti Miller. “This funding will allow us to lead a collaborative effort to identify our research priorities and ensure that we are getting the best value from our future research investments.”

Canola generates approximately $5.6 billion in farm cash receipts each year. On average, Canadian-grown canola contributes $15.4 billion to the Canadian economy, including more than 228,000 Canadian jobs and $8.2 billion in wages annually.

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