Indian company introduces novel micro-encapsulating technology

11-01-2012 | |

The research team of Ritus Neutraceuticals in India has, after years of intense research, been successful in isolating a micro-encapsulation process using nanotechnology.

Unlike other micro encapsulation technologies currently in vogue, Ritus ensures ideal microencapsulation of every molecule.
“We have effectively been able to, with the aid of nanotechnology, encapsulate every molecule of the inorganic mineral with salt,” explains R. Krishnan of Ritus Neutraceuticals.
“As you may be well aware common salt is most inert, most easily solubilises and does not further interact with any other ingredient. We identified that at nanoparticular level salt effectively microencapsulates any desired inorganic mineral protecting it from reacting with bio-inhibitors and eliminating it’s precipitation / coagulation / agglomeration in the digestive tract and ensures its best bio-absorption.”
The nanotechnology was developed into a novel Radical Technology wherein every molecule of the microencapsulant is made to possess a positive charge while the molecule that needs to be microencapsulated/protected is made to possess a negative charge.
This ensures that each and every molecule that requires to be microencapsulated is ideally and effectively microencapsulated with only one molecule of microencapsulant i.e. the microencapsulation continues till the charge neutrality has been established.
In simpler terms, this most effectively ensures the most ideal usage and positioning of the microencapsulating agent with respect to the molecule necessitating microencapsulation.
Amino acids, vitamins, minerals and nutrients like betaine have very effectively been microencapsulated using Ritus’ know-how to ensure its enhanced stability and to act as ideal rumen bypass molecules thus enhancing its role in dairy nutrition.
The process also ensures improved stability, bioabsorbability and performance of the formulation containing the microencapsulated nutrients in the poultry, aqua and swine nutrition industry.
“Proof of concept”
The destructive role that choline plays in ensuring the rapid degradation of vitamins especially Vitamin A is probably too well known.
“Our microencapsulation of choline most surprisingly ensures the most ideal stability of Vitamin A even in a liquid formulation wherein the surface area of contact is the highest, a state wherein conventional choline – normal and encapsulated versions available in the market – almost instantly degrades the activity of Vitamin A,” said Krishnan.
“This simple Proof of Concept exhibits in the most simplest of manners the effectiveness of our Know-How in ensuring stability and utility of conventional vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other essential nutrients through microencapsulation,” he said.
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