INVE Aquaculture organises successful biofloc seminar

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INVE Aquaculture organises successful biofloc seminar
INVE Aquaculture organises successful biofloc seminar

With the recent increased focus on disease prevention and management, biofloc technology has been on the uprise. This aquaculture technique used in shrimp grow-out ponds is aimed at improving the water quality by finding the right symmetry between nitrogen and carbon.

Besides the obvious advantage of disease control, it allows high stocking densities and limited water exchange, offering numerous possibilities to farmers across the world.

Realising this, INVE Aquaculture, a supplier of of health and nutritional product for the aquaculture industry, organised a week-long workshop in Indonesia on biofloc and semi-biofloc for its senior technical staff from Latin America and Asia. The workshop included theoretical and applied training with an internationally recognised expert (Prof. Wilson Wasielesky, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande, Brazil) and a respected Indonesian consultant (Mr Agus Saeful Huda), as well as hands-on work at a successful farm in East Java.

Recent presentations from the “Workshop on Biofloc Technology and Shrimp Diseases” that had been held in Vietnam in December 2013, were discussed more in detail. The outcome of the workshop was to offer the staff a better understanding of the science behind the products and protocols used in semi-biofloc and biofloc culture systems.

Once back in their markets, INVE Aquaculture’s senior field staff will organise local follow-up seminars to share the acquired knowledge and experience with the local farmers.

For more information, please contact Dr Olivier Decamp (o.decamp@inveaquaculture.com), Product Manager Farm & Feedmill at INVE Aquaculture.

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