Kazakhstan grain exports seen at 7.5mt

30-11-2006 | |

Kazakhstan’s agriculture ministry projects the nation’s grain export potential at up to 7.5 million tonnes, including leftover grain stocks from the previous harvest.

“Exports were 4.4 million tonnes as of November 20. We
forecast to export another 1.1 million tonnes before the end of the year,” said
to Anna Buts, a senior ministry official to press agency Agra Europe. “The
current balance of grain allows us to fulfil domestic demand and export 7-7.5
million tonnes including leftover grain,” she said.

Export countries
Most Kazakh grain exports
are delivered to other ex-Soviet states in the CIS bloc. So far this year,
exports went to 28 countries, with 73% shipped to the CIS, 10% to the European
Union and 8% to the Middle East, Buts said.

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