Maize misunderstanding in Ghana

22-11-2006 | |

Ghana’s Dormaa Poultry Farmers Association (DPFA) has denied rumours among maize producers that the government allowed corn imports last year to cause a maize surplus to kick maize farmers out of business.

Kwabena Asamoah Asare, Chairperson of the DPFA, said the
Association proposed the solution in a last desperate measure to save the
poultry industry due to a corn shortage at that time.

Maize difficult to sell
explained that back then, the Association, in consultation with the Dormaa
district directorate of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, organised a press
conference where he urged the government to allow individuals to import maize.
He said the maize farmer’s allegations had been based on misinformation.
added that he empathized with the dilemma of maize farmers who found it
difficult to sell their maize due to the import glut and low prices offered.

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