MiXscience’s new concept: VSTAR Technology

02-12-2016 | |
Photo: MiXscience
Photo: MiXscience

At the recently held EuroTier, feed additive producer MiXscience introduced a new concept: VSTAR Technology.

VSTAR Technology is an acronym for “Vectorized Solutions to Transport Additives by Release Technology”. A range of feed additives from the company have been optimised and are now part of this concept.

Vectorization enables an effective protection of active components in order to stabilise and protect active components from aggressive conditions of processing and storage environment. It also controls the delivery of active components to target organs. This takes into account farmers, integrators and feed producers objectives, but also the species of animal and its particular stage of physiological development. And it protects workers with ingredients easy to handle and with no nuisances (smell, texture).

At the moment, ten of MiXscience Feed Additives are driven by VSTAR Technology concept. They have been developed after several years of experience and result of a battery of in vitro and in vivo research programmes. They all combine properties of synergistic ingredients with the effective release technique. The company is also working on new products for 2017 driven by this new concept, among which is a vectorized form of betaine, in order to facilitate the handling and the efficiency of this feed additive which enhances the resistance of animals to heat stress and protects gut integrity.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor