Natural dairy product launched in Europe

30-11-2016 | |
Natural dairy product launched in Europe
Natural dairy product launched in Europe

At the recently held EuroTier exhibition, Global nutritional health company Diamond V officially launched its natural nutritional health product for the European dairy market.

The product* consists of functional metabolites and new fermentation compounds, which includes additional antioxidants and polyphenols.

Peter Zieger, DVM, Technical Sales Support Manager for Diamond V in Europe, reported on recent European farm trials that confirmed experiences of North American scientific research and producers. The European research validated the US experiences and showed an increase in milk production of more than 3 litres compared to production without the product.

Dr Zieger’s presentation at EuroTier

In the USA, Dr Zieger noted that the product has enabled dairy producers to optimise cow health and performance despite the long slump in milk prices. He pointed to controlled research and farm trials with the product involving more than 100,000 cows on more than 20 commercial dairies. He further pointed out that optimised rumen health and balanced immune function translates into healthy cows that can perform to their genetic potential. Research shows that the product supports rumen health, dry matter intake in early lactation, maintenance of body weight, efficient feed utilisation, and milk production over the entire lactation.

“After only 10 months in the USA,” Dr Zieger said, “there are 600,000 cows on NutriTek. Producers are taking advantage of this new, natural, nutritional health technology during a very difficult period in the dairy markets.”

* NutriTek

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor