New feed additive tailors sow needs

30-01-2017 | |
New feed additive tailors sow needs. Photo: Hans Prinsen
New feed additive tailors sow needs. Photo: Hans Prinsen

US based company Wilbur-Ellis Feed has developed a natural, bio-based feed additive, simple to add to existing sow diets, that mitigates the negative impacts of stress while optimising feed efficiency, gut health and nutrition capture.

“The sow is really the engine that drives swine production,” says Wilbur-Ellis Feed’s Midwest Nutrition Sales Manager Bryce Martin. “Yet, while there have been strong gains through genetics and management approaches, it’s also a focal point that has been largely untouched by feed additives.”

Feed enzyme technology

The new product* features feed enzyme technology and is claimed to improve fertility, result in higher annual pigs per sow ratios with higher repeatability, a reduced pre-weaning mortality and more productive piglets. In addition, it also improves post-lactation recovery, further supporting the welfare of sows and allowing them to return to production sooner at a high level of comfort, health and energy.

*Engest. The product will be officially launched at the Iowa Pork Congress, held January 25 and 26 at the Iowa Events Center.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor