New probiotic to prevent necrotic enteritis

23-10-2007 | |
New probiotic to prevent necrotic enteritis

Chr. Hansen in Denmark is ready to launch probiotic feed additive that can prevent necrotic enteritis in commercial poultry production.

Necrotic enteritis (NE) is a serious condition where
chickens loose the ability to digest nutrients from the feed with the risk of a
painful death within only few days. The condition causes much suffering for the
chicken and represents a serious loss to the producers. Recent European surveys
estimate the economic impact of NE on global poultry producers to $2 billion annually.

“Our new, probiotic bacteria, Bacillus, is an all natural method to
prevent NE from occurring. It makes treatment with antibiotics superfluous and
frees the producers of the extra management and costs of retention time before
slaughtering. And last but not least, it severely raises the level of animal
welfare in the production, “says Inge Knap, Director, Development and
Application, Animal Health & Nutrition, Chr. Hansen.

Large market
The market for Bacillus is large, as the European poultry
production alone amounts to 5.5 billion chickens annually (FAOSTAT). Globally,
the production reaches 42 billion chickens equalling an annual production of 59
million ton chicken meat (USDAFAS, 2005)

“We see a huge potential for
our new Bacillus, and look forward to going to market first in North and South
America and then hopefully Europe. This new product fits perfectly in our
portfolio of documented microbial products for the feed industry, which already
today provides solutions for the swine, poultry and livestock industries,” says
Jan Kuhlmann, Vice President, Animal Health & Nutrition, Chr. Hansen.

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