New product from Delacon boosts broiler performance

03-02-2015 | |
New product from Delacon boosts broiler performance
New product from Delacon boosts broiler performance

At the recently held IPPE in Atlanta, Georgia, animal nutrition company Delacon launched a new version of its phytogenic product for poultry.

The new product* combines the beneficial effects of the existing product Biostrong® 510 (launched in 2000)  with short and medium chain fatty acids. Key results include improved intestinal health, lower mortality and better performance.

Boosting broiler performance

Furthermore, studies have shown that the new product significantly benefits broilers under typical intestinal challenges and increase the average the body weight by 2% while the feed conversion rate decreases 4%. Economic evaluations from research institute experiments and field trials show an average return on investment (ROI) for the product of over 4:1, based on feed costs (including the costs for the product), and selling price of broilers.

The new product has been launched on the US market and was officially presented at the IPPE. On a global scale, the product is in different stages of approval and therefore not yet available in all countries.

*Biostrong® Forte

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor