New starter culture for liquid feed diets

30-11-2015 | |
New starter culture for liquid feed diets
New starter culture for liquid feed diets

The use of fermented liquid feed plays an important role in supporting beneficial intestinal flora and digestive processes. The company Schaumann has conducted intensive research into the fermentation of liquid feed components and has now developed a new product.

The product* is specially developed for use in high-protein and low-starch and low-sugar feed mixes. The combination of highly effective specialist lactic acid bacteria ensures a high degree of lactic acid formation which has the effect of rapidly reducing pH, improving the digestibility of phosphorus and protein and suppressing undesirable microorganisms (e.g. Salmonella and yeasts).

There is a growing interest in fermenting protein-rich, home-grown fodder such as rape seed oil meal, peas and field beans. These protein feeds have lower concentrations of readily available carbohydrates. Rapidly converting these carbohydrates into lactic acid ensures a fast pH reduction and creates the conditions needed for preserving and sanitising the mash and optimising the breakdown of nutrients. Using a product to control fermentation in this way results in improved feed conversion rates, higher daily weight gains and increased productivity.

*Schaumalac Feed Protext XP

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor