Novel NIR-system for Norwegian feed miller

14-07-2008 | |

The largest Norwegian feed compounder Felleskjøpet Agri, has as the first feed company in the world installed a real time, instant feedback NIR (Near Infra Red) system in one their factories.

The system, called APIS Spektron Feed, was installed in the autumn 2007, have
been thoroughly tested and will be installed in the next factory later this

APIS Spektron Feed measures feed quality parameters and instantly
presents the results as numbers and graphs.

The well known NIR technology
is combined with specially designed software to achieve a system that gives
instant feedback to operators, supervisors and quality personnel, enabling fast
corrective actions.

Manual feed analysis results (e.g. dust or
durability) as well as relevant process parameters (eg. temperature) may also be
included and presented.

Differences to traditional NIR
are significant differences between APIS Spektron Feed and traditional NIR
systems used in laboratories. APIS Spektron Feed is designed for use in
industrial environments and the measurement gauge is mounted over conveyor belts
or in bulk conveyors.

APIS Spektron Feed features include

  • Presentation of recipe refined targets and tolerances (min/man values)

  • Measurements and presentation updates may be done every second
  • Immediate alarms when measurements are outside defined tolerances
  • Presents continuous actual product cost (as a function of process cost,
    ingredient cost, actual production and capacity)

  • Reports with report filters, graphs and numbers
  • WEB based system – meaning easy access to the system
    over company intranet or internet.

The new product, called APIS Spektron Feed, is developed and sold by the
Norwegian company Prediktor

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