Novus launches bacillus-based microbial product

30-01-2013 | |
Dr Kendre Stringfellow
Dr Kendre Stringfellow

Animal nutrition company Novus International has showcased its new bacillus-based gut health enhancing feed additive for the US poultry market.

The product was launched late last year and is now pushed into the spotlight at the International Production & Processing Expo in Atlanta, GA, United States.

The product is based on three different strains of Bacillus subtilis. In field tests among broilers and turkeys, the product has been shown to help maximise weight gain, optimise feed conversion, have a positive effect on Clostridium perfringens in commercial poultry and decrease the incidence of food safety associated pathogens.

Dr Kendre Stringfellow, poultry technical service manager, Novus, said that the product has been designed to compete with other (pathogenic) bacteria for being attached to the gut. In addition, they help to secrete bacteriocins.

The product has not been developed to replace the use of antimicrobials on the US market, Stringfellow said. On the contrary, it can work in conjuction with antibiotics to achieve better results. 

The direct-fed microbial was developed at the University of Arkansas after five years of research and is currently manufactured by Pacific Vet Group-USA.

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