Oilseed processing for Western Oklahoma

28-02-2007 | |

Plains Oilseed Products, LLC (“POP”) an Oklahoma Limited Liability Company, formed January 3, 2007, plans to construct, own and operate a state-of-the-art oilseed processing plant in Western Oklahoma, USA.

The plant will be able to crush many different oilseeds, such as canola, sunflowers,
peanuts, soybeans and any other oilseed that may be grown in Oklahoma.
The plant will add to the economic development of rural Oklahoma and provide
the state’s agricultural producers with a new market for their current and
future oilseed crops.

Production forecast
to the business plan, POP anticipates processing over 100,000 tons of oilseeds
each year, producing approximately 57 million pounds (7.7 million gallons) of
oil, which will be marketed to food-grade oil refiners and biodiesel plants. The
plant will also produce over 69,000 tons of canola and other meals annually,
which will be marketed to Oklahoma feed manufacturers and large-scale

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