Old Bridge Chemicals reports success with copper supplement

10-01-2014 | |
Old Bridge Chemicals reports success with copper supplement
Old Bridge Chemicals reports success with copper supplement

Old Bridge Chemicals has had significant sales growth and success with Copper Carbonate as a copper source for animal feed.

Over the past few years, Old Bridge Chemicals have improved their chemical and manufacturing methods and processes to create a very high quality Copper Carbonate. The quality of Old Bridge Chemicals’ Copper Carbonate is now highly superior compared to the Copper Carbonate of the past.

Old Bridge Chemicals has consistently been making great progress selling Copper Carbonate as a copper supplement into the Poultry Industry over the past few months.

Major poultry companies using Old Bridge Chemical’s Copper Carbonate have reported to Old Bridge Chemicals that the rates of bioavailability, feed efficacy, mortality and overall health of the poultry are equal if not better than that of chickens that were fed the standard copper chloride product available in the marketplace.

Economics also have been proven to show incredible savings over any other copper containing product on the market. Average savings are in the range of $40,000 per truckload (44,000lbs) according to recent market price.

“It makes sense” says Justin Chrepta, National Sales Manager, “Chickens have enough chlorides in their feed as it is.  How many more chlorides can you actually put in a bird without having some serious concerns about it? A natural copper compound like Copper Carbonate will promote natural growth and produce a natural/healthy bird to eat.  Multiple nutritionists from large poultry companies have been contacting Old Bridge Chemicals with great interest”.


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