On-demand: Webinar on Zinc Oxide Alternative by 2022

11-11-2021 | |
On-demand: Webinar on Zinc Oxide Alternative by 2022
Zana van Dijk, editor Dairy Global (left); Hanne Damgaard Poulsen, Professor Emeritus, Senior Researcher at Aarhus University (middle); Richard Sygall, DVM – Customer Technical Services Director EMEA (top); Sebastien Constantin, Bioactives Business Development Manager (bottom). Photo: Misset

It’s a hot topic going into 2022 – Zinc Oxide Alternative by 2022. Our recent webinar hosted by All About Feed in cooperation with Pancosma explored this topic in detail. If you missed it, watch it again here.

At the start of the new year, the real countdown to June 2022 begins as this is when the EU ban on Zinc Oxide’s high level medicinal dosage will take effect. Naturally there are many discussions currently taking place as how to best move forward with this for those in the pig industry.

Watch the Zinc Oxide Alternative by 2022 webinar now

There are important discussions, questions and strategies in the industry to work through – from piglet diet solutions and nutritional interventions to looking at health concerns in weaning piglets. This webinar tackles some of these discussion points and the main matters around this topic.

Speakers during the webinar

During the webinar the speakers gave some feedback on having a silver bullet to solve all issues when it comes to zinc oxide alternatives and whether a multifactorial approach is more realistic. Professor Damgaard Poulsen talked about, for example, how the physiological zinc demand is high in young fast-growing animals and touched on some stressors to note during the weaning period such as nutritional changes, management, environment, feed etc – all important aspects to consider. While Sygall and Constantin looked at (recapping) the effects of zinc oxide and spoke about a strategy to develop alternatives for it, targeting multiple pathways for a solution and looked at active molecules chosen and the mode of action. Constantin dove into a trial around these highlighted topics. Don’t miss the exciting insights into ZnO alternatives in this webinar!

Watch the Zinc Oxide Alternative by 2022 webinar now

van Dijk
Zana van Dijk Editor Dairy Global