Pancosma celebrate 65 years at Eurotier

03-12-2012 | |
Pancosma booth at Eurotier 2012
Pancosma booth at Eurotier 2012

During Eurotier this year, held in November, Pancosma celebrated 65 years of expertise and innovation in the animal nutrition field. Over the years Pancosma has made a difference with its applied and basic research in animal feed and feed performance.

Over the years, Pancosma has made a difference through its basic and applied research in animal feed and feed performance.

The latest communications of the group regarding its scientific advances have resulted in international recognition for the company, which is seen as a market trend-setter. Pancosma regularly provides new perspectives for products commonly used on the market such (e.g: sweeteners, plant extracts) by regularly unveiling research findings at major conferences and symposiums.

“ Looking at the number and variety of persons who visited us and at all the interesting discussions that we had during this full week, this EuroTier exhibition has been a real success for our group and has to be renewed”, states Mr. Kofel, CEO.

2012 was a pivotal year for Pancosma and represented the start of new international sales strategies involving many new resources, as well as new partnerships with research centres around the world. The company selected the EuroTier exhibition to celebrate its 65th anniversary.

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