Pegasus mixer becomes better with new safety lock

18-09-2014 | |
Pegasus mixer becomes better with new safety lock
Pegasus mixer becomes better with new safety lock

Dutch company Dinnissen Process Technology launches an extra safety measure for its mixer, in case the compressed air pressure is lost. This innovation will be presented at the upcoming EuroTier.

The feed mixers from Dinnissen are already equipped with dust-proof bottom valves. In addition, the Ultra Dustproof Pegasus® Mixer is equipped with special sensors that ensure the tightness of the valves. For companies that want more safety measures against leakage of raw materials in the production process, Dinnissen has now developed a  ‘Safety Interlock’. This blocks the opening of the bottom valves in the mixer, when the compressed air pressure is lost, due to external factors.

Safety Interlock

Opening and closing of the bottom valves of the Pegasus® mixers operates on the basis of compressed air. When suddenly the compression is lost, due to power failure or by an error in the supply line of the compressed air, the bottom valves can be opened. To prevent this from happening, to further improve product safety and quality and to reduce extra work, the Safety Interlock for this particular mixer can be added. This mechanical locks the bottom valves in case of emergency. Dinnissen already implements similar safety systems for larger projects. The standard implementation of the Safety Interlock for the Pegasus mixer (up to 2000 litre) is really new.

At EuroTier, Dinnissen will showcase this product. They will also present a new and complete range of hammer mills with focus on multitasking and the Dima 1200 bag emptier with integrated automated pallet handler. They can be found at booth E20 23.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor