Perstorp buys Slovakian in-feed calcium assets

06-08-2014 | |
Perstorp buys Slovakian in-feed calcium assets
Perstorp buys Slovakian in-feed calcium assets

Perstorp recently acquired the penta and calcium formate businesses from Chemko a.s. Strážske, a Slovakian chemicals producer. Calcium formate is used in animal diets for its antimicrobial properties.

The acquisition is part of Perstorp’s ambitious investment plan to increase its market share for these products. Perstorp takes over the penta and calcium formate businesses, related technology and certain assets. It does not include the manufacturing plant in Strážske, Slovakia, any real estate or employees.

In the feed sector, Perstorp is known for its products such as propionic acid and formic acid, preservatives, antibacterial agents and silage additives. The acquisition of the calcium formate business fit perfectly in the portfolio. Calcium formate is a source of highly digestible calcium for farm animals and it has antimicrobial properties in feed. A lowered pH-value in the feed supports the acidification of the stomach contents. Perstorp markets its feed grade calcium formate as ProPhorce™ AC 200. Another application for calcium formate is as an additive that improves the qualities and properties of tile adhesives.

The polyalcohol Penta is used in applications such as alkyd resins, PVC stabilizers, synthetic lubricants, varnishes, and other products. Perstorp is now producing Penta in three different production plants in Germany, the US and Sweden.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor