Perstorp increases capacity to meet additive demand

17-01-2014 | |
Perstorp increases capacity to meet additive demand
Perstorp increases capacity to meet additive demand

Perstorp Feed Additives has introduced multiple shifts and extra bagging capacity at its production unit in Waspik, the Netherlands.

“This was needed to match the increasing demand for our feed additives and preservatives. We see an annual growth of around ten percent at our location in Waspik. We particularly get more orders from strategic growth areas such as Asia and South America. But also in Northwest Europe, our home market, demand is still strong. This pushed the limits of the production capacity of most notably the blends of dry products, so we decided to increase the capacity”, explains Tony Toebak, marketing communications manager for Perstorp feed additives.

Increasing the capacity was done by renewing the entire bagging process in December 2013 and introducing a system of multiple shifts in the beginning of January 2014. A new bagging line with a higher capacity was installed that can handle a variety of products, independent of the specific gravity. The bagging line is complemented with a new palletizer and wrapping machine. In total, the production unit can now process roughly twice the amount of volume.

Products based on butyric acid glycerides also contributed significantly to the need to increase the production capacity of feed additives and preservatives at the Dutch plant. Toebak: “We notice that our clients are more conscious about the positive effects of butyric acid on gut health. This is translated into more demand for our ProPhorce SR product range. So next to growth in our established product range we see increased demand for new products as well”.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor