PLP Liquid Systems: Better distribution of additives

19-05-2015 | |
PLP Liquid Systems: better distribution of additives
PLP Liquid Systems: better distribution of additives

Conventional coating methods, often result in a poor surface distribution, the addition of additives are usually applied in an excess application to improve distribution. PLP Liquid systems have found a solution.

The Mass Spin Coating Tribo Electric Technology, developed by PLP Liquid Systems in Italy, has been specifically researched and designed in order to give an addition of small percentages of additives ( in both powder and liquid form) having at the same time a very low CV (coefficient of variation).

The product is dosed in continuous and the addition of the liquids or powder are sprayed using tribo electric hydro dynamics which utilises electrical forces to breakdown the liquid/powder into very small droplets. These droplets maybe as small as 100 nm (nano meter) which can provide a very homogeneous distribution.

This type of coating system, ideal for both liquid and powders, creates a more homogeneous final product and also gives great economical saving to the Feed Mill because less quantities of enzymes, medicines, powder etc are added due to a more efficient distribution onto the dry feed or pellet.

At the upcoming Victam, PLP Liquid Systems can be found on booth E034.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor