Probiotic Conference brings new insights

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Probiotic Conference brings new insights

The 3rd International Probiotic Conference held on 4th – 7th June 2008 at High Tatras, Slovakia focused on the current state of probiotic science and research. 200 scientists from 56 countries presented and discussed the achievements and current advances of probiotic research.

The highlights of the conference were the numerous new
approaches to identify and characterize novel probiotic strains. In addition to
routine culturing methods state-of-the-art approaches like cell line adhesion
tests, gene sequencing, molecular cloning are gaining more and more importance.

Reducing time
As Prof. Alojz Bomba – President of
the 3rd International Probiotic Conference – states: “Due to these new methods
not only broader perspectives open up for probiotics but the required time
between strain isolation and marketable applications can be reduced
substantially. Hence the achievements of probiotic science faster can reach the
stage of applicable products, and deliver new benefits to the customers and
patients faster. In other words, the body of knowledge about probiotics reached
the critical mass and can be transferred faster in products than ever before.”

Probiotics in space
One of the most interesting lectures about
probiotics was about their possible role in maintaining the intestinal health of
astronauts during long-term space missions. Probiotics herewith reached a new
frontier and may contribute to the maintenance of human health even under the
most unearthly circumstances. The participating scientist presented scientific
evidence that probiotics are not only able to stabilize the beneficial
intestinal flora but have potential to improve immune defense, prevent allergy
and help cancer prevention.

Young scientist award
The young
scientist award was presented to Dinesh Thapa, University of Hohenheim for his
work on the antimutagenic property of exopolysaccharide producing lactic acid
bacteria. Mr. Thapa’s work further strengthens the vision of using probiotics in
cancer prevention.

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