Product: Ballard Group introduce SALmate

26-09-2012 | |
Product: Ballard Group introduce SALmate
Product: Ballard Group introduce SALmate

US manufacturer The Ballard Group have officially launched its’ innovative dry encapsulated formulation SALmate, during a seminar in Bangkok, Thailand. It was held in September and was attended by 61 delegates from leading Thai animal feed and pet food companies.

The  seminar was organised by local distributor Klean Greentech, under the management of Dr Kitti Supchukun and Dr Kamol Pipatpanukul at the Jasmine Hotel, Bangkok.

Two well-known guest speakers contributed on the topic of Omega-3, and in particular EPA/DHA.  Dr Vichai Vongsilpavattana explained the importance of functional food and Omega-3 and Dr Seksom Attamangkune, refreshed the technical knowledgeon the concept of fatty acids.

Mr Jan-Jeroen De Beucker, Global Marketing Advisor for The Ballard Group, addressed the delegates on the topic: “Introducing The New State of the Art Protected Omega-3 Fatty Acids allowing for low inclusion of stable fatty acids to improve performance.”

It delivered the state of the science and technology behind SALmate. The interest was very high thanks to SALmate being workable across all species with a specific focus on increased reproduction in livestock, and overall well-being in companion animals. 

In Thailand, the Bangkok based Klean Greentech has been appointed exclusive distributor for all animal species. SALmate, already successfully registered, is perfectly complementing Klean Greentech’s range.

Apart from Thailand, new distribution partnerships in Asian countries like the Philippines, Taiwan,  South-Korea, Pakistan have been formed, while for others like China, Japan, and Vietnam negotiations are ongoing.

van Es-Sahota
Sunita van Es-Sahota Editor special projects