Product: Water-soluble organic feed additives

13-08-2012 | |
Product: Water-soluble organic feed additives
Product: Water-soluble organic feed additives

China based Tanke BioSciences Corporation has introduced a diverse array of water-soluble organic feed additives for the farm animal market.

These additives – comprising multi-vitamins joined with organic trace minerals – are known to play a primary role in fostering optimal animal growth and health, said Tanke, and are generally considered easier to administer, more speedily digested, and more effective than their dry feed additive counterparts.

Currently, Tanke’s new sales division markets one water-soluble organic feed additive product to the larger animal farms in seven of China’s 22 provinces.

By the end of this year the company expects to have completed development of four additional water-soluble organic products, three of which will be marketed by the new sales division to animal farms throughout China.

The remaining product will be marketed by Tanke’s original sales force to major seafood farms across the nation.

Tanke is currently China’s largest producer of organic trace mineral additives, with some 7% of the market.


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