Secret behind a quick expansion

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Secret behind a quick expansion

Innovad, a Belgium based feed additives producer, just celebrated three years of operating. The company is rapidly gaining market recognition. The geographical expansion is supported by local operation and joint ventures in Poland, Greece, Singapore, Vietnam, Germany, and also soon in Russia and USA.

By Ben Letor, director Innovad

It’s about establishing a dialogue of trust with customers and partners – this was stated when asking Innovad what is essential in a growing business. Trust arises from solving problems, showing integrity, accountability. Trust embraces innovation and change, essential to progress. Innovad strives to create value leveraging their expertise in animal health and nutrition, market knowledge, manufacturing capacity, passion and entrepreneurial spirit, and innovation. Trust is about people, maintaining a long-term partnership. Trust is the principle for which Innovad stands and operates under.

Toll manufacturing
Sister company PMF Productions manufacture feed additives, premixes, concentrates, and drinking water application. A major investment took place after acquiring the plant in 2006, doubling the annual production capacity to 45,000 tonnes. The high-tech toll-manufacturing site serves the company’s global demands, with its main         production being acidifiers, anti-moulds, antioxidants, toxin binders among other feed supplements. Coupled with its strategic fermentation biotechnology and encapsulation partnership, Innovad ensures that its product line meets the highest standards of quality, precision, cost-efficiency and performance. The manufacturing facility is GMP+ certified, with a strict adherence to EU regulations.

Technology and automation
In today’s environment, technology plays an ever-growing role in bringing customer solutions to market in a cost effective manner. With transport systems and automated production processes, Innovad is capable of handling a large volume of production with speed and accuracy. From valve bags, ultrasonic sealing, bagging units, palletising line, film wrapper to liquid filling lines, the process is automated wherever possible.

The company is proud of the asset and technology, in order to ensure the   highest level of quality, flexibility and cost effectiveness.

In Asia, the company is established in Singapore catering to the needs of South East Asia, and supporting growth in Vietnam and Cambodia. A trade office in Shanghai is in charge of sourcing and quality assurance besides supporting the domestic distribution. Innovad expects strong and sustained growth in the Asian Pacific rim, not only with feed additives but also with its dedicated farm pack water additives.

Cost effective
In an era of volatile raw material prices and the availability issue, securing sufficient and qualitative raw materials is among the main challenges for the livestock industry. Innovad confirms its dynamism, and manufacturing capabilities with a desire to help the industry access the necessary cost-effective value added solutions.

Ben Letor Director Innovad

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