Some activity still expected on amino acids market

Some activity still expected on amino acids market

Prices of lysine and threonine are holding up on a FOB China basis and suppliers remain determined to increase them further, despite a more quiet market recently. Learn more in this week’s feed additives snapshot (week 14).

Prices of tryptophan are cooling down in China but are potentially heating up in Europe as availability may become difficult the coming months at a main western supplier. Methionine has cooled down and is stable at the moment and valine is also stable now, after a period of price decline.

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Prices continue to be firm(er) on a FOB China basis, but also in the US and Europe. In general, it has become a bit quieter in terms of actual transactions. During the recent price run-up, forward contracts were booked for Q2 and a portion of Q3. Since the price increased quite rapidly, buyers are also getting cautious and want to see first if this firmer trend is going to stick. A good portion of Q2 is contracted by now and a small portion of Q3 as well.


Threonine prices have recently firmed in most regions and current price offers FOB China remain firm as well. Compared to the previous week, the market for example in Europe has turned relatively quiet, as forward contracts have been booked. Suppliers are trying to move away from the low price levels. So overall the market feels quieter, but price offers remain high. Buyers have been contracting for a portion of Q2. Q3 is still mostly open.


In almost all regions, the market is quiet and contracted forward. This is after a period of volatility and price increases. Availability seems to remain tight and no immediate (next 1-2 months) relief is expected due to reduced output at some key suppliers. Prices are stable, at a higher level compared to some months ago. A good portion of Q2 is contracted by now and several buyers have also contracted their full Q2 needs.


Prices in China remain weak, while in other regions the market is slightly firmer as nearby availability is potentially becoming tighter. Several market participants indicate that the continuity of tryptophan production by a main manufacturer in Europe might be disrupted in the coming period. Apart from the US and Europe, the tryptophan market seems to have a weak tone to it. A portion of Q2 has been contracted by now.


The valine market is quiet in most regions. Some Q2 buying was seen recently, but currently, hardly any transactions are reported. Prices are low and are currently stable. The ongoing price decline in FOB China seems to have stopped for now. The whole amino acids market has been firmer in previous weeks and therefore buyers in several regions decided to cover a part of Q2 recently.

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