Some movement on vitamin D3 and potentially D-Calpan, otherwise a quiet market

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Some movement on vitamin D3 and potentially D-Calpan, otherwise a quiet market

Vitamin D3 500 prices remain firmer in most regions and especially in Europe higher spot prices are mentioned due to potential uncertainty over availability later this year. Vitamin A and E are very calm and stable. D-calpan seems to have stabilised for now, after a recent period of price decline. Other vitamins are not showing a lot of movement. Some still record low in price. Learn more in this week’s vitamins snapshot (week 15).

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Vitamin E 50%

The vitamin E market is very calm and no significant further price decline is seen at the moment. And as the market is calm, it fuels speculation on the short-term price trend. There is already a very good cover on Q2, but most buyers remain cautious to book further forward, as they are not sure if prices will weaken further.

Vitamin A 1000

Still no changes compared to previous weeks. For now, it seems like the price in all regions has stabilised. Some buyers contract forward or are considering doing so, as the price is really low and they want to secure availability. While others continue to buy hand to mouth. A large portion of Q2 is contracted.

Vitamin D3 500

Global suppliers are trying to increase prices and in some cases are successful. Buyers who have not been covering their needs ahead of time, are now paying, for example in China and Europe. Overall, there is already a good cover for Q2 in place, and no need to buy additional material right now. In Europe, prices are a bit firmer than they have been in the last few weeks with a wide price spread mentioned. As the situation in Europe with import disruptions at the borders is still not fully clear in terms of availability in Q2 and onwards. This has led to increased stocking by several distributors and end-users.


Prices in China seem to have stopped declining. But also in other regions, no further price decline is seen at the moment. Several suppliers have tried to increase the price, but so far no significant reaction has been seen from the market. Buyers are still careful to book significant volume forward as there is still a concern about further potential price decline. Most of Q2 has been contracted, but conservatively.

Vitamin B3

The market is well contracted and it has become relatively quiet in terms of buying. The overall sentiment has stayed a bit bullish, as most suppliers and manufacturers try to increase prices. Overall, at least the price decline seems to have stopped. The price is still at a very low level though. Overall Q2 and a portion of Q3 are contracted.

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