Some Q4 methionin buying interest and lysine remains firm

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Some Q4 methionin buying interest and lysine remains firm

Markets for methionin have become a bit more active for both spot and Q4 business. Suppliers try to hold on to the current market price level, although some flexibility is seen for Q4. Learn more in this week’s feed additives snapshot (week 35).

Lysine hcl and sulphate remain firm in China, but other regions have a wait and see attitude as prices went up rather quickly recently and seem to stabilise for now. Other amino acid markets are very calm and no significant movement seen this week.

Having checked multiple sources in several regions, it looks like the overall consensus this week is that the market is very quiet for all vitamins and no significant buying activity seen anywhere.

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Lysine’s price remains firm in China and suppliers are still trying to increase prices or have even stopped offering temporarily. Corn and soy prices have been firmer recently in China and that has led to higher consumption and higher production costs for the fermentation-based Chinese amino acids manufacturers. But in most export markets, there is no strong intention to buy material right now. A big portion of Q4 delivery is already contracted in for example Europe and the lysine price increased so rapidly, that buyers are careful to book Q1 arrival material already. The market is mostly quiet and prices are stable to slightly firmer. By now, most of Q3 and a decent portion of Q4 are contracted, and even some Q1 2024 cover is seen.


A very quiet and stable market currently. Additional/new capacity has come online in August from a major Chinese manufacturer and they are trying to move volume in combination sales with other amino acids, which is not very successful at this moment. Buyers are holding off new threonine purchases for the time being. The price is relatively low but has been lower earlier this year and that has led to a wait-and-see attitude and at the same time there is also already cover in place for Q3 and a good portion of Q4.


Some interest is seen for spot volumes, but also for Q4 volumes. Suppliers remain stable to firm until now, although some Q4 offers range in price and some price-flexibility is seen again. But nothing significant yet. The US market remains stable to weakish. Most of Q3 is contracted some time ago already and some interest for Q4 recently.


Still, a firmer market locally in the US, as inventory seems low and that has fuelled spot and early Q4 prices. Other regions remain stable so far, although there is an ongoing desire of manufacturers to increase prices. Q3 is well contracted and as prices are relatively low, buyers took a bit Q4 cover as well.


It is said that FOB China prices are firming, but it does not really show yet in higher prices being actually paid. Also in the various regions the price is either stable or even a bit weakish. There is a strong desire from manufacturers to increase prices due to higher cost prices of raw materials, for example corn. New capacity from traditional suppliers has been introduced step by step, not disturbing the balance too much. More new capacity will follow in 2023-2024. Q3 is largely contracted, and in some cases, some Q4 cover has been taken as well.

Vitamin E 50%

Although vitamin E manufacturers have a strong desire to at least maintain the current price level, and preferably increase it, but the market remains quiet and soft. Especially traders and resellers are offering prices that are at a slight discount compared to the manufacturers, in order to try to move material. Q3 is well contracted and a portion of Q4 is as well.

Vitamin A 1000

Still, no changes seen compared to previous weeks and the vitamin A market continues to be very static and stable in terms of prices, still at the low end of the historical price range. Q3 and a portion of Q4 are contracted by now.

Vitamin D3 500

A stable and quiet market, moving at a low price level. No significant activity is seen, mostly bits and pieces of spot business. Q3 is mostly contracted but there is a more wait-and-see attitude towards Q4 still.

Vitamin B2 80%

The market seems to have lost its bullish sentiment for now and has turned really quiet. During the recent run-up in Asia and USA, contracts were contracted and now it starts to be quiet again. Prices are still higher compared to some months ago but seem to have stopped increasing further. In Europe, prices have stayed stable to slightly firmer. Q3 is contracted and a good portion of Q4 is as well.


Especially FOB China, prices have been weakening for D-Calpan. The main manufacturers would actually like to move away from this low level, but with new capacity coming online and slightly less demand compared to previous years, so far the price is still an important instrument to keep market share. It is relatively quiet in the market lately. Some regional differences are seen in terms of price spread, but overall the market is stable to weak. There is a decent contract cover for Q3, but some buyers also continue to buy hand-to-mouth as they expect even lower prices.

Vitamin B3

Overall, a stable to slightly weaker market FOB China is seen again this week, compared to previous weeks. In other regions the market is stable and prices have not really changed significantly and are still at a higher level compared to the beginning of this year. Raw materials remain tight and expensive, but at the same time, the market is also a bit more relaxed and relatively well contracted ahead. A portion of Q4 is still to be contracted.

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