Strong growth of feed premixes production in Russia

28-06-2015 | |
Strong growth of feed premixes production in Russia
Strong growth of feed premixes production in Russia

Russian feed plants annually increase their production volumes of feed premixes with an average of 18-20%, said the president of the Russian union of feed producers Valery Afanasiev at the conference “Compound feed production 2015”.

While the production of feed premixes is steadily increasing, Afanasiev noted that “Today we see more and more competition between companies which produce premixes at the domestic market. But despite this high level of competition, the share of imported premixes is still around 30-40%, according to our statistics.”

According to Afanasiev last year Russia produced 222,700 tonnes of premixes, which is 18.5% more than in 2013. He also added that the stability of the feed and premixes market in Russia in the future will largely depend on the situation in the livestock and poultry industries.

Ban import of premixes

There is information that the Russian government has been considering to ban the import of premixes, following the food embargo which was implemented in August of 2014, but decided not to do so since banning the import of premixes would have a severe impact on domestic livestock producers.

Vladislav Vorotnikov Russian correspondent