Study: Broiler growth benefits with phytase/enzyme mix

22-08-2014 | |
Study: Broiler growth benefits with phytase/enzyme mix
Study: Broiler growth benefits with phytase/enzyme mix

Trial results from a University of Berlin study have confirmed the benefits of combining phytase superdosing with a high-efficacy single-enzyme xylanase. Compared to phytase superdosing alone, the inclusion of the xylanase produced a significant additional 4% improvement in broiler bodyweight gain (BWG) over a 35 day period.

The trial compared performance of a superdosing-optimised phytase (Quantum Blue) and a latest generation single-enzyme xylanase (Econase XT) in wheat-corn-soy fed broilers grown from 0 to 35 days of age.

Superdosing with 1500 FTU/kg of the phytase increased BWG by 3% (2205g versus 2140g) compared to the control diet containing a standard 500 FTU/kg phytase dose (formulated using a phytase matrix of 0.2% calcium, 0.2% phosphorous, 100 kcal/kg AME). Addition of a standard 16,000 FXU/kg dose of the xylanase raised BWG a further 4% (to 2291g).

“This is a gain that is not only statistically significant, but is also economically worthwhile, whether used to boost performance or add to the matrix and further reduce feed costs,” commented Gilson Gomes, AB Vista’s global technical manager for poultry.

“When the target is phytate elimination, improving the availability of that phytate through the action of a well-targeted xylanase should be an advantage. This trial confirms that when both enzymes are optimised for efficacy, that advantage translates into a genuine performance gain.”

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